Hello, I love doing research. I’m interested in latest multi/many-cores technologies. I’m working on different architectures such as the Cell microprocessor, GPGPUS, and embedded processors. My focus is on finding best ways to make the most out of this. I’m also interested in the semantic web as one of computation hungry areas. I’m trying to build prototype system to test my algorithms and knowledge extraction ideas. I take my teaching as an excellent opportunity to inspire young minds to think and challenge all the facts they meet every day. I’m telling my students that my job is to motivate you asking questions, guide you finding answers, and help you making use of what you have. I have a wonderful family. They are my highest priority. I spend my leisure time with my sons playing with some brain teasing toys. I like listening to my wife 🙂 and challenging here sometimes if I know the consequences :-). I like movies respecting viewer’s mind and the comedy ones. I love reading in other fields of science and history. I always keen to know the story behind any great achievement.

more: http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~mfa06001


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Arun Says:

    Hi Mohamed!
    My name is Arun… I was lately quite fascinated about the cell processor and started learning about it.
    I m new to linux platform and had quite a tough time installin the Cellsdk on to my PC on Fedora9 and finally got it successfully installed and working.

    If u can help me by giving me a working code for any search algorithm on the Cell BE processor… it would be great. I m struggling with the implementation. Pl help!

    This is my id: arun.prodigy@gmail.com

  2. Gucian Says:

    Hello Dr. Mohamed I’m one of your students in GUC . I learnt Computer Architecture you teach us @ GUC. By saying learnt I know the sentence may seems to be weird but I think it’s one of the rare courses I really benefit from and actually got or “learnt”. May it was hard to adapt to the way you want us to learn through but by the start of the next semester we simply got what you really wanted and I am one of a lot who regret losing you and hope to learn from you again may be in better environment where the number of students is small and there are only the interested people. Thank you again for being my prof. some day … and hope meet you isA …

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