I’m sharing with you my latest poster about high performance computing arena. I just wanted to introduce HPC to both undergraduate and new graduate students. It contains interesting pointers to related topics to HPC. I’m organizing it into these main sections:

  1. What’s high performance computing?
  2. What’s the role of supercomputers in HPC?
  3. How do we measure the performance of supercomputers?
  4. Where supercomputers are heading to?
  5. The fastest supercomputer in the whole world (quick facts)
  6. Anatomy of next generation supercomputers?
  7. Upcoming challenges in HPC
  8. Utilization of supercomputers in other science domains, such as computational material sciences, computational biology, and computation chemistry.
  9. HPC in computer science and engineering.
  10. Future of HPC

You can get a high resolution version here. A snapshot with a fair resolution is below.

HPC 101 - The Poster