If you want to be in the leadership position, you have to look into the future. Your eye should be directed towards where the others would Like to be at. Then you should set your objective to be there before them. If one nation would like to be in the leadership position, the whole nation must be in the race to that position before any other nation. I think it is not about having the latest technology or following certain procedures made by others. However, it is about doing your best to reach that future point in shorter time.

At the personal level, if you have that goal engraved strong enough in your heart and planned thoroughly to reach your objective, you will develop all the tools, attitude, and knowledge that would keep your eye looking info he future.
Having the ability and vision for the future needs you to understand what is happenning around right now. Understand the latest in your field, talk to the experts and know them, and get involved with the corresponding communities.